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Merry Xmas world!

My daughter cambria had a wonderful xmas which in turn made mine quite delightful. 2012 is gonna be better. I'm  in love. life is great.. cams great. dominic is wonderful. 2012 is it!!

Just in the nick of time.

I almost lost my account. Luckily I was able to recover it. Waiting on dominic to come home. I have tomorrow off. Looks like another long night with my main squeeze. So in love. Its grand. >.<

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happy birthday to me!! 30!!!

wow i can't believe i made it to 30! what a year! i can honestly say i'm happy where i'm at. life definitely comes at you in weird ways but i've managed to end up on top for my daughter and i. Dominic Cirino my heart, thank you for the most memorable birthday!!! ^.^
Dinner at Mortons Steak House... we started off with a bottle of the OPUS ONE cabernet. Steaks and Salmon filets, dessert, low lights and great conversation with the man that made this all happen. =) thinking i was able to get home and put SWEATS on lol he drives to the Las Vegas Sign because he's remembered in the 6 yrs i've been here i have yet to take a picture... Rolls up parks and pulls out 2 champagne glasses and a bottle of Moscato!!! I had the best night of my life. Lifes great. cant complain, and you can't bring me down either. BOOM!


i'm so in love.

summers over!

Another summer in vegas almost over. Sept nights are a lot cooler. =) work is going well, cambria is a fantastic first grader =) met a boy his name is dominic, in love. nuff said <3
not feeling too well today, was up all night. then had to work outside ... on an empty stomach was NO bueno. no big plans for LDW but work. rents paid. caught up on bills lifes grand <3

Cambria my baby girl is now 6 years old!!!!

i can't believe she is a 1st grader... things for me and my fam are looking up and up. work is still work, but on a lucky whim my roommate gets a gig Vjing for surrender and encore and all those clubs and he is next to LIL JON tonight.... whhhaaat?? OOOKAAAYYY. ha, already did it for sidney samson pete tong radio 1. lol so proud of my lil bro...

cambrias bday party was a fantastic turn out. all her friends showed up, and was an absolute blast.

Boys, well i'm single. totally broke up with matt. i have goals and we just hold each other back, kinda sucks but dam 2 yrs down the drain. i can't wait to sleep. theres really nothing else new, well new enough to write about =) good night world.

what the effen fuck

stay postitive denise... i gotta be happy, cambria has to be happy... then HE will come. now accepting hubby apps. LOL so damn lonely this sucks


i wanna move to california... nuff said... rich what up?! =)

boy crazy

girls like assholes. i'm not trying to be conceited but damn who wouldn't say no to a beer to me? lame. i feel lame. im moving to cali.

May. 17th, 2011

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